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    Anthony M

    Angela reception. and the RN were extremely pleasant and helpful.
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    Barry F

    I am all too familiar with foot and ankle problems having aggressively participated in numerous sports and athletics for my entire life. Having lived in NYC, I was fortunate to have a team of specialists that enabled me to continue my active lifestyle.

    When I began experiencing intense pain on my left metatarsal, I was concerned that I would not be able to find the level of care I had come to reply upon.

    The first doctor that examined my foot turned out to justify those concerns. The pain was diagnosed as a sprain and I was told to wear a Cam Walker Boot for 6 weeks. The 6 weeks passed and I was in more pain than when I started.

    I contacted my Orthopedic Surgeon in NY, sent him copies of my MRI and asked for advice. He replied, if you’re not coming to NY to see me, the only other person to see is Dr. Brian Coleman.

    At my first appointment, after explaining the source of my pain, showing the inflamed areas on the MRI and explaining why surgery was the only solution. It was immediately clear that based upon the tone of the conversation, his bedside manner, and the willingness to answer a very long list of questions, I scheduled the surgery at that very first visit.

    That happened in December, 2021 and due to my life-long athletics and arthritis, I have become a “regular” at Dr. Coleman’s office. I required 2 additional surgeries and because of my trust and respect for his compassion as well as being a recognized world class surgeon, I didn’t need a second opinion.

    I consider myself very lucky to be in his care.
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    Verified Patient

    If Dr Coleman had not operated on my leg over 21 and a half years ago, I would not have a left foot!!! Three other doctors said that they could do nothing for me but amputate after my accident. The last doctor that looked at it said that there was one other doctor in surgery at the time who would look at it later. I did a Joe Theismann' sideways just above my ankle when I fell. I was just recalling the great work that Dr. Coleman did on my leg over 21 years ago. I have no pain or anything. You would not be able to tell what he had to put back together if you saw me even after all this time unless I showed you the incisions. I will also add that the negative reviews are disingenuous. If he's moving too fast for you it's because he has already figured out what you need. People are too quick to leave negative reviews. Everyone that I talked to during therapy had nothing but good things to say, including other doctors, the physical therapist, and the regional manager of the physical therapy clinics that I visited. The regional manager told me that I had the best orthopedic surgeon he had ever known, and that Dr. Coleman fixed his sister's leg that she was unable to walk on after someone else worked on it. I can't thank Dr. Coleman enough. I know the insurance company did not pay him nearly what his skill is worth. Please accept my public thank you Dr. Coleman, and May God bless you..
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    Dr Coleman and staff are the Best!! I have the utmost in confidence in Dr Coleman. Honest, listens, and explains. I would never go to anyone else! Marilyn who molds the cast is a sweetheart! Caring. Understanding.
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    John W

    Friendly staff, clean office, professional services, and efficient. Longest wait time I have had in the office was 15 minutes with a full waiting room. But the best thing about the whole experience was Dr Coleman himself. What an amazing person all around. I felt completely at ease after speaking with him for the first time in the hospital. I fell while riding a motor cycle and dislocated my ankle pretty severely and also broke both bones in my lowers leg in a couple locations that ultimately required surgery that included plates and screws. I was very nervous about the direction I would have to go prior to meeting Dr Coleman but I can’t tell you enough how confident I was after meeting him. He made an excellent first impression and has been consistent ever since. Doc if you’re reading this, thank you. My little girls thank you and my wife thanks you. You are an amazing person and physician. I can’t wait to get back to fire fighting and I will soon all thanks to you.
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    Paul F

    Saw Dr. Coleman for the first time today. Have been having pain in my right foot for the past six months. Previously had seen a podiatrist I have a tear in my Achilles. Arrived at the office early to fill out the usual annoying paperwork. Busy office with different orthopedic doctors. Was at the appointment with my wife who does all the talking and decides what she will allow a doctor to do or not to do. A doctor usually has two strikes against himself even before he has a chance to say hello. Did not think Dr. Coleman had a chance and felt sorry for him when he introduced himself to us. Shocked to see that even with two strikes, he won over my wife. I was so surprised and pleased. Dr. Coleman makes you feel at ease and gives you confidence with his professional but friendly attitude. He is not an alarmist and does not make you feel that your only option is surgery. He did provide me with relief for my pain in my foot today and I am expecting positive results. Thank you!
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    Martha H

    He knows what he is doing and is caring and funny!

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